VIN details

For the rare factory Turbo-Look vehicles Porsche unfortunately awarded no separate chassis number.
The Turbo-Look Register exclusively knows all the VIN numbers of each assembled factory Turbo-Look (WTL) model.

Fill in the last 8 digits of the VIN only (zb. NS450000).


The structure of the Porsche chassis numbers (VIN)

With the question after the number of the produced vehicles of the single classes and model years it is often closed by the chassis numbers on the production number. This is why it is necessary to explain the construction of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number or FIN (vehicle Identifikations number) first.

There was the Porsche Carrera in the TURBO-LOOK only from MY 1984 onwards. Because of this we want to look at the 17-figure VIN from MY 1981 (beginning by the end of the summer holidays in 1980). On this occasion, it concerns an internationally standardised sequence of letters and numbers. With this sequence any VIN worldwide, even without other knowledge over the vehicle can be unambiguously assigned.

Blocks numbered in red ink, referred to by the following statements

  1. WP0 = World manufacturer code Porsche
  2. Body code (only USA/CDN, for RoW, a placed Z as leaders): A = Coupé, B = Targa, C = Cabriolet. Ab 2003: J = Coupé, K = Cabriolet.
  3. Code for enginevariants (only USA/CDN, for RoW a placed Z as leaders).
  4. Code for saftybelt-systems (only USA/CDN, for RoW a placed Z as leaders): 0 = Belt, 2 = Airbag and Belt. From 2003: E = without sideairbag, F = with sideairbag.
  5. First and second digit of the vehicle code. Together with the number of block No. 9 results the vehicle description. Example: 91+1 = Porsche 911, 93+0 = Porsche Turbo, 99+3 = Porsche 993 etc.
  6. Check digit 0 bis 9 oder X (only USA/CDN, for RoW a placed Z as leaders).
  7. Continuous letter for the model year: A = 1980, B = 1981, C = 1982 ... H = 1987, J = 1988, K = 1989 ... N = 1992, P = 1993, R = 1994 ... X = 1999, Y = 2000.
    The letters I, O, Q, U and Z are skipped. From model year 2001, a number will be used starting in 2001 with 1.
  8. Place of manufacture: S = Stuttgart, N = Neckarsulm, L = Leipzig, U = Finnland.
  9. Together with the number of block No. 5 results in the vehicle description. Examples: 98+6 = Porsche Boxster, 98+0 = Porsche Carrera GT, etc.
  10. Code Body and Engine
  11. Continuous counting each model year

Specific features

Often one cannot close from the sequential counting on the exact number of produced vehicles of the suitable model row. This has several reasons.
Furthermore the USA/CDN market receives a separate figure result with the volume models, uncoupled by the remaining markets, because the standard approach occurs in the USA / CDN took part later than in the rest of the world. Not just because the flow figure has only four places, it started with zero in every model year again. Since a model year allocation is already possible with the information in block 7.

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