21.01.22, 20:40 CET
964 C4 TL Coupe
cancelNot verified
Owner: Tom
20.01.22, 14:15 CET
964 TL Cabrio RHD
Owner: Jonathan
18.01.22, 16:57 CET
M491 Cabrio US
Owner: Stephen
18.01.22, 11:05 CET
M491 Coupe US
Owner: Berrett
17.01.22, 09:41 CET
964 C4 Wide-Body
Owner: Thomas

About the Register

Reliable production numbers are available meanwhile, so the important thing now is to document the cars in their respective specification, accompanying them on their way to becoming a classic.
In the long run this register will contibute to preserving and passing-on knowledge and with it - aside from the breathtaking experience of driving are purebred sports car - allow a deeper access to Porsche 911 and the Turbo-Look.
All this will help to protect and develop the ideal and the material value of the rare Turbo-Look models, which is certainly in the best interest of all parties involved.
This is a private, independent and non-commercial project asking for the support of its members, so the Turbo-Look Register is open for every interested visitor!
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