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The following text represents the essence of a deferred book project and results from several years of research by Turbo-Look Register. It includes extensive parts of never published knowledge, its use and publication, also the partial contents or counts, without the prior permission of the author, is strictly prohibited!
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America Roadster


The America Roadster was promoted in the USA by Porsche for model year 1992 as "a jubilee model" for the 40 years before introduced 356 "America Roadster" and was expressly addressed as a limited model. Indeed, without calling an exact number of pieces.

The always spread number of 250 copies is probably covered to the MJ 1992 (what is not correct) however, the model also remained on offer in MJ 1993 and four vehicles with the 1994th chassis number (R-series) do exist as well.

the total number is 326 pieces.

The "America Roadster" is equipped ex works a little bit less excessively than his RoW counterpart. It was marketed in America not as a luxury cabriolet.

The Roadster does not differ technically from the Carrera 2 Cabriolet Turbo-Look for RoW (Rest of World).

At the front one finds the black collision dampers usual for America beside the fog lamps, the side indicators lack in the front fenders, the rear bumper is provided with the middle piece with small sign cutting and in the frame above the tailgate the big third stop light is put on.


The most remarkable difference is the missing back seat arrangement of the U. S. - Models, which to have to obstruct three-point belts on account of the duty also on the back seats with the filing known from the 89th Speedster with lockers was substituted.

Code Description Counts
M058 Bumpers with impact damper 320
M139 Heated Driver Seat 72
M340 Heated Passenger Seat 71
M139+M340 Heated Driver and Passenger Seat 71
M383 Sportseat Drivers site 33
M387 Sportseat Passengers site 33
M383+M387 Sportseat Drivers- and Passengers site 33
M437 Comfortseat Drivers site 228
M438 Comfortseat Passengers site 165
M437+M438 Comfortseats Drivers- and Passengers site 165
M454 Autom. Cruise control - Tempostat 326
M494 Ampfiler HiFi-System 320
M586 Lumbar Support Driver Seat 59
M513 Lumbar Support Passenger Seat 17
M513+M586 Lumbar Support Driver- and Passenger Seat 17
M567 Green wedge windshield 320
M573 Fully automatic air conditioning 320
M659 On-Board computer 320
M692 CD changer Porsche CD 1-6 fold 22
M980 Raffled leather 171

Many many more features and more individual codes were assigned, the listing would be beyond any scope.

Difficultly is to be decided whether one should add the cars for Canada to the counts for the "America Roadster". Like the RoW car they carry either no type name or the "Carrera 2" stroke on the rear lid. The America roadster, however, mostly the label "Roadster" (the sometimes in addition right "America" label probably comes from the RS America). The roadster stroke never was an official spare part in Porsche. Also the rear seat arrangement was obstructed with the versions for Canada regularly.

The Turbo-Look Register lists all cars with US-VIN as an "America Roadster" what of the simplification serves, but is not correct in our eyes rather!

colour salesno colorcode counts
Schwarz A1 L741 --
Indischrot G1 L80K --
Grandprixweiss P5 L908 --
Nachtblau F8 L37W --
Polarsilber metallic A8 L92M --
Schwarz metallic Z8 L744 --
Amazonasgruen metallic N7 L39A --
Wimbledongruen metallic B5 L23I -
Himbeerrot metallic A7 L83E -
Individualfarbton (uni) 98 nach Wunsch -
Individualfarbton (metallic) 99 nach Wunsch -
Schiefergrau metallic Q9 L22D -
Amethyst Perlcolor F9 L38A -
Zermattsilber metallic L1 L92A -
Lavendelblau metallic H3 L38W -
Oakgrün metallic N9 L22L -
Maritimblau F2 L38B -
Kobaltblau metallic F6 L37U -
Mintgrün N4 L22R -
Horizontblau metallic F4 L37X -
Silber metallic S7 L982 -

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