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The following text represents the essence of a deferred book project and results from several years of research by Turbo-Look Register. It includes extensive parts of never published knowledge, its use and publication, also the partial contents or counts, without the prior permission of the author, is strictly prohibited!
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993 Carrera S / 4S


In the model year 1996, the model series 993 4S appeared in the cloak of the 993 Turbo, but with conventional tail spoiler.

Just like in the Factory Turbo Look - FTL models of earlier series, chassis and brakes of the Turbo were adopted to fit this car, as well as the widened bodies and its PU front and tail. Also, this model was equipped with all-wheel drive, like the Turbo.


Just one year later, to the model year 1997, Porsche released the 993 Carrera S, internally 993 340 for the LHD (LHD) incl. the US version (here are 4 cars for the model year 1996) and 993 341 for the right-hand drive (RHD). As for the 993 Carrera 4S with the body of the Turbo, but with suspension and brakes ruled the cutbacks. There the conventional components of the Carrera 2 were installed and also the all-wheel drive had been waived.

One easily identifies the often "2S" called Carrera S by its black brake calipers and its divided lattice of the tail spoiler.

At that time, rather launched as a "savings model", is the often as "2S" dubbed Carrera S today the most sought variant and scored with lovers usually the better price. The Carrera S obtained, because it significantly differed from the mature concept of the turbo looks, consequently its own M-Code:495 = Carrera S. The M-Code 491 and the extension "Turbo-Look" can be found on this model even internally no longer!


In summary:
Carrera S (manual gearbox) 3343
Carrera S (Tiptronic) 1364
Carrera 4S (just manual gearbox) 7242

Surprised, because all books show other counts and also Porsche indicating lower numbers? Each specified car can occupy the Turbo-Look Register with a chassis number. Less than shown are not possible!


Code Country Counts
C00 Country equipment Germany 2796
C02 Country equipment USA 2154
C05 Country equipment France 240
C07 Country equipment Italy 447
C08 Country equipment Japan 275
C09 Country equipment Sweden 13
C10 Country equipment Swiss 276
C11 Country equipment Austria 134
C14 Country equipment Taiwan 1
C15 Country equipment Xiānggang Hongkong 5
C16 Country equipment UK 253
C19 Country equipment Luxembourg 33
C20 Country equipment Netherlands 59
C22 Country equipment Belgium 127
C23 Country equipment Australia 60
C24 Country equipment New Zeeland 11
C25 Country equipment South Afrika 22
C26 Country equipment Singapore 27
C27 Country equipment Spain 77
C28 Country equipment Greece 2
C32 Country equipment Arabia Golf States 33
C33 Country equipment Oversee Markets LHD 3
C35 Country equipment Oman 12
C36 Country equipment Canada 163
C37 Country equipment Brazil LHD 8
C99 Country equipment various markets 9

Porsche had already adopted in this final drive turbo-look model from the exclusive small series for WTL models. Up today the 993 Carrera 4S remains to be the last model, that got the M-Code 491in its certificates of birth and is with a wide margin the best selling modellvariant of the Porsche 911 with Turbo-Look.

For capacity reasons, TLR list the 993 not online until someone is willing to take care for these cars.

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